What A Year 2019 Was!

Man, every one of these couples were just awesome!

To the point that I would feel bad if I were to try and pick a favourite couple. Because I know they all have email proof of me saying how grateful I was to be a part of their day, and what an awesome couple they are. Every word I said was true, and every wedding definitely has a handful of favourite moments sprinkled throughout.

When I started out this Wild Love thing, I had a target “type” of couple in mind; people who were madly in love and wanted to have a blast on their wedding day to celebrate getting married. However they wanted to celebrate that moment, I was down with it; boat rides, or standoffs with curious cattle. Even in that lull of a few days between Christmas and New Year!

Every day was full love, laughter, passion and emotion, which made my job a lot more fun on each of these special days.

2019 was the year of Wild Love weddings!