Me, in awe of a really big tree just out of frame. Photo by  Samuel Edwards

Me, in awe of a really big tree just out of frame. Photo by Samuel Edwards


I’m Matt, the guy behind Wild Love Films and the one who’ll be filming your wedding day! Over the last few years, I’ve had the opportunity to work alongside and for several different wedding film vendors in the UK, across Europe, briefly in the Middle East and a season in Australia. All with their own individual styles and methods to approaching filming a wedding, it’s allowed me to figure out what I like about documenting a wedding and what I feel can be done differently or better!

One thing that I noticed working for all these different vendors was that I wanted to build more of a connection with each couple before we get to your big day. It’s an odd sensation turning up to someone’s wedding and having to figure out who the happy couple actually is. It’s also one less thing for you to worry about if you know you’re in good hands with the film side of things, and it’s a lot more fun for everyone if they know I’m not just some stranger creeping around in the background - people are a lot more relaxed knowing I’m not just patrolling for good footage.

I’m not really going to pontificate here about how its my destiny to film your wedding, that everything I’ve learned in the near-28 years of my existence on this planet has all been for this day - I just really like having fun making films that people will hopefully treasure for years to come. That, and I like to make new friends and see new places!

I’ve experienced and adapted to working in huge, vibrant celebrations one day, to filming a more private and intimate ceremony the next. Nothing fazes me about someone’s plans for their big day - so please don’t feel like anything’s too much to ask or too out there a question!

So, if this all sounds like your cup of tea, click on the button down below, and I’ll get back to you ASAP to get the ball rolling.