13th July 2019

Driving up to Middleton the night before the wedding, I think the weather was a bit touch-and-go - rain clouds with big ol’ fat rain coming out of them definitely gave me concerns about the next day. But even if it had rained at Middleton Lodge that fateful day, I really don’t think anything could’ve dampened the energy of the ceremony of Katherine + Andy!

Katherine got in touch during the last few months of 2018, we chatted a little bit over email before finding time to organise a video call to say hey and chat about plans - this was made a little more challenging by the fact they’d just brought a new little puppy into their lives. It was pretty hard to keep the conversation on track when little Milly the sausage dog rocked into the frame!

Meeting the duo on the day, Andy was pretty calm and collected dealing with his excitable groomsmen and last-minute details. Katherine had the girls upstairs in a suite, where I also finally met Sarah, the photographer. Just looking at her images on that link shows how much true emotion and energy there was throughout the day!

What I really dug about the whole day was that everyone I spoke to was incredibly friendly, curious about what I was up to and offering to buy me a drink - shout-out to Olly who gave a pretty good show for the camera when entering the room for dinner, and also offering to buy me a bottle of red!

Katherine + Andy are truly surrounded by a lot of loving and supportive friends and family, this was obvious in the very emotional and hilarious speeches but also by how welcoming and involving everyone was throughout the day!

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