“You’re Welsh? So, you’re the fella who sees two houses and says he lives in the middle one?” - that was pretty much the first thing that Benji, the best man, said to me as I stood there shaking Alistair’s hand.

That pretty much set the tone for the day with the boys! Heading downstairs from the B+B they were staying in to the pub where Alistair’s friends and family were meeting beforehand, it became obvious to me that family was a big thing to him. That, and a having a riot of a good time. There was no way that man could say he was nervous from the way he was laughing and hugging people left, right, and centre!

The whole clan was summoned by bagpipes to head up to Clearwell Castle. It was cool to see how the family histories of both were brought into the whole day.

The ceremony was full of emotions - mainly laughter!

I can’t lie, the rest of the day was a blur between the battle for a huge family photo on the steps of the castle orchestrated by Ying, the photographer, to Alistair and Leah’s dad hamming up of the “father-in-law” schtick in their speeches. It was laugh-a-minute all day, and everyone was incredibly welcoming to the random guy lurking in the back with the camera.

It was a shame to have to leave when the First Dance was done. Alistair tried to tempt me with alcohol to hang around, but I’m an awful dancer and I was having to drive home. Leah was incredibly kind with her parting words, trying to sort it that I could possibly follow Benji around sometime just to document his suspect ways and activities.

I would’ve been totally down for it if this whole COVID-19 thing hadn’t taken over!

I’m thankful that this wedding, as well as the others that I shot this year, took place when they did. Adjusting to lockdown life was a lot easier when I was just sitting, zoned in on cutting down this bad boy.

There was a ton of moments that I really wanted to include in the Highlight Film that I sadly had to leave out, but what I did fit in really captured the mood, the love, and the atmosphere everyone brought to the day.

Shout out to love, and loved ones!

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