I’d never really shot a friend’s wedding before Kirsty + Pete’s, I’d shot a few people that I knew beforehand, and have become friends with couples after the big day, but I’d never done a Wild Love wedding for a friend. Some people asked me if it felt weird, but nothing felt different other than the fact I recognised a lot of the people I pointed the camera at throughout the day.

But it’s South Wales, so it always seems to work out that you know someone through someone - like Lloyd, the photographer, turns out we knew a few people in the music scene from bands that once were and just coincidence of checking out his Instagram story the night before!

It was nice seeing that side of Kirsty + Pete - not just hanging out on a night out, or sending dumb videos to Pete on the regular - but them in love. Still being totally 100% themselves through the whole day, but in love without a care in the world!

The little cuties.

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