A lot can happen and change in three years. But it's good to see that Laura + Tom’s relationship blossoms and blooms with every day!

Throwback to some point in the summer of 2015, I’d just moved to London to take myself seriously as a filmmaker/videographer/camera person - I’d not figured that much out. I’d just moved on a whim after a friend told me he had a room free.

Laura dropped me a message asking if I filmed weddings and would I film hers. It was pretty daunting to me; yeah, I’d filmed a couple, but I wasn’t really sure what I’d done well, and what I hadn’t done so well. She said the big day was 2017, so a little under two years away, and my rationality to myself was that I’d be a lot better as a filmmaker/videographer/camera person by then, so it’d be alright!

My memory’s a little hazy of a hectic day from three years ago, but the general gist is that everything took place at Clearwell Castle - which was also the place I shot my last wedding before this Lockdown Life became the norm. Is that a full circle moment or poetic in some way? Sure!

Laura and her girls were in one house on the estate - where I also met Matt, the photographer for the day. Tom and the boys were off on the edge of the estate in a house getting ready, Tom was in full military garb with some of the other boys. There was going to be a lot of that throughout the day.

It helped that I knew a lot of the bridal party from school and general life before the day.

Fortunately, since 2015, I’d shot a handful of weddings for different companies; sometimes solo, sometimes with someone else, so I had a more confident hand on the day. Even to this day, I feel a bit on edge until the ceremony is over. I don’t know why, but I’ve tried to rationalise it as that’s the moment everyone is there for but I’m not 100% sure on that.

Sometimes, I feel like I’m more nervous than the bride and groom.

The ceremony was pretty breezy, and the afternoon was pretty much spent outside in the late spring Sun.

The bridal party was full of laughter and energy; from comradery amongst Tom’s groomsmen to Laura’s bridesmaids pretty much being down for whatever idea Matt, the photographer - not Matt, the videographer - came up with. This was a blast to shoot for me, just so much to shoot all and any direction!

Before long it was time for the speeches, Tom was classic Tom from school - so it was hilarious - but that was short-lived before he was rinsed by his two best men, and then literally soaked by his uncle in a long-winding story about Tom joining the army.

And out of nowhere, the whole thing was capped by his uncle leading everyone present in a singalong of “Rise and Shine”!

The rest of the night flew by, from the sunset photoshoot to the first dance at golden hour, before fireworks signalled the opening of The Cellars - Clearwell’s underground bar.

It was at this point that I said goodbye to the happy couple, and off I drove into the night. It was a great day, but I just know I would’ve ended up hanging out all night catching up with people I knew if I didn’t slip out then. Not that that would’ve been a bad thing!

I still really dig the wedding video, watching it back before writing this blog made me realise that before I even started Wild Love, I had the rough ideas I’m trying to push more with my weddings this year (before COVID-19), and outside of the wedding field.

It’s also nice to see how happy Laura and Tom are. I was supposed to see them as guests at another wedding this year, but sadly it’s been delayed. Laura and I trade a little conversation here and there once in a blue moon, and it’s cool to see their lives progress through social media when I’m not in the area for a minute.

Shout-out to young love!

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