A December Wedding, technically

So, this one came about all thanks to a wedding singer in Melbourne.

My friend Renee is one half of Tobi Tobi with her husband Jamie, I met them in Orvieto, Italy whilst on the job as a destination wedding videographer in 2017, before I moved to Melbourne later that year and we hung out a lot more. They were at a wedding in Copenhagen in the summer of 2018, which is when I woke up to a message in London from Renee telling me to add this alternative wedding photographer Claudia Rose Carter on Instagram because she thinks she’s really cool and that we’d hit it off.

Turns out Renee was right, it just took a year or so before we met.

Claudia hit me up in the summer of 2019, asking if I’d be down for getting involved with a Christmas wedding. I’d done a handful of winter weddings in the past, even a New Year’s Eve wedding, but the time of year doesn’t phase me - as long as I’m having a good time, I’m down to clown. Plus, I’d finally meet/work with Claudia - I’d grown to be a massive fan of her approach to wedding photography.

Winter Wonderland Wedding

It was a pretty crisp December morning when I turned up at Dewsall Court. I met Claudia, got all that polite stuff out of the way, and then Liam - her second shooter - turned up. As much as it was a Christmas wedding, it also didn’t feel like a Christmas wedding - there were decorations around, but it felt like a pure coincidence, and that was fine.

Sadly, this wasn’t a snowy wedding, but that wasn’t an issue. The air had a cold chill, but C + A kept each other warm through the brief family photoshoot, and then their little couple’s shoot. Claudia just guided them around where she wanted them to be, and I just worked around all three of them - I just do my own thing without making a fuss, that way I can get those real wedding moments.

First Christmas Married

I guess this counts for C+A, right? Sure, it was technically a few days later, but it’s kinda hard to ignore the whole Christmas season thing going when you’re still in December. Dewsall Court is always a fun place to shoot, the place seems to accommodate the winter wedding aesthetic effortlessly, and the high spirits are kept up all night.

The speeches were pretty heart-warming, the dancing got the rest of people’s bodies warm, and off we disappeared into the night at the end.

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