Wedding Videographer South Wales

Before I was a wedding videographer, I knew Sally + Chris. I’ve pretty much known them both all of my life in some shape or form.

Sally grew up in the house next to my grandparents, and her parents still live there. Chris was one of those (lovely) familiar faces that would appear here, there, and everywhere throughout my life growing up.

Then I met him in a field, not far from where we both lived a month or so after I’d finished university, and we made a music video with some other friends for a local band.

That was probably the moment that kick-started my career as a videographer/filmmaker/camera guy as well as a lifelong bond with another human being. We experienced a lot of odd things in that time; all-nighters on editing projects, me getting a free kazoo on a tour, and somehow upsetting BBC Wales presenter Jamie Owen without saying a word.

Somewhere in that time. Sally + Chris became a couple. My life took me elsewhere in the world, but I’ve always kept tabs on what the two of them are up to via the interwebs or dropping by when I’m back in the area.

South Wales Wedding

This was the first wedding I’d shot since March, it was now September - shoutout to the COVID-19 pandemic - I’d been active with other projects in that time, but it was hard not to feel nervous of being rusty going into it. That, and figuring out how I was gonna work in and around the rules in place now because of social distancing.

Within minutes of seeing Sally, it felt like normal, the girls carried on doing their preparations and I just did my thing; dipping in and around what was going on. I found Tom heading to Chris’ room, so went with him, did some catching up and finally saw my boy!

Chris was pretty chill about the whole thing, admitted he’d not slept the best, but was now jacked up on coffee - normally he’s a tea person. It’s always weird being a wedding videographer around my friends, just because of the clash of worlds/personas - Matt the wedding videographer meets Matt the friend. But it felt more relaxed around Chris; he’s seen me work a ton of times, so what’s the difference between me being in front of a stage and filming his wedding?

Sally + Chris had also decided that they weren’t really feeling the first dance or cake cutting. It would’ve been easy to feel a bit pushed off centre by this with how I create my wedding videos; I could be lazy and just rely on the expected structure of the typical wedding day to build the flow of a wedding video but that’s not exactly fun!

I’d been doing a lot of thinking throughout the initial UK lockdown of 2020 about how I approach filming a wedding, and I’d come to the succinct philosophy of “timeless, not mindless,” - I want the emotion to reign supreme!

Trends and fashions in wedding videography, weddings, and life, in general, will come and go, but the way you feel about your loved one will never fall out of style.

Love is love, and I’ll just let that guide me rather than focusing too much on getting a shot of a beautiful sunset whilst you too are behind me having a cute little moment together.

Welsh Wedding

The day was pretty breezy; it had the expected structure of a wedding, just a fraction of the people. Not that you really noticed it unless you stopped and looked around. The vibe was all that mattered. The couple were madly in love and it was easy to get sucked into that energy. Wild Love, man.

One thing that I thought was really dope about Sally and Chris’ day, was that they actively searched out small, Welsh bridal vendors to support through their wedding. So, there were businesses like Rachel Burgess Bridal Boutique, E&W Coutre, Rosehip & Wren, Beehive Photography, and myself.

It was a cool idea, especially in amongst everything else that had gone on in the chaos that was 2020 and no matter what way you were feeling about it, it’s nice to know that friends and clients still had your back!

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