A Hot Summer's Day for a Wedding in Wales

There’s something about shooting in Wales that feels like a milestone to me. I’ve second-shot a few times here, filmed Welsh couples, and filmed friend’s weddings, but I’ve not been at a Welsh wedding filming solo before.

The weather was very unlike Wales - super hot, and super sunny. Spirits were high as we kicked off the day with Lauren and her bridal party in their apartment, with little pranks and teasing going on amongst the girls as they were getting ready.

Not far from the room, Jamie and his two best men had some snaps taken of them on the golfing green. It wasn’t long before I noticed Lauren and some of the girls taking peeks at the boys from their balcony in the distance.

The game was up, and they stood there waving without a care in the world, totally unbeknownst to the boys!

A Wedding Venue in South Wales

The whole day took place at Bryn Meadows, and the ceremony itself flew by, not without Cohan, the happy couple’s little boy, sprinting down the aisle at the beginning to greet his dad and drop the rings in the process.

Out we went into the sunny afternoon for photos and drinks. As guests enjoyed the sunshine and chatted, we were whisked off in some golf buggies for some more photos with just the blushing bride and her groom. I’m pretty sure at this point in my life that I’ve been in a golf buggy more times than I’ve actually attempted to play golf.

Matt the photographer - not me, Matt the filmmaker - enlisted one of Jamie’s Best Men to help with carrying his flash around. A potential career change seemed on the cards for him after smashing the job of photographer’s assistant! The excitement was so much for him, he unwittingly ran into me whilst trying to get out of a shot. It was at this point, that I could see a theme for this wedding occurring; situations arising due to running excitedly.

We all returned to the venue for Lauren + Jamie to be welcomed by their guests for the cutting of the cake, and the speeches to take place. There were a lot of tears here, mainly from Jamie, who was beaming with pride as he thanked everyone for being there, and how happy he was to start this new adventure with his wife.

Perfect Weather for a South Wales Wedding

Back out we went into the evening sun for some friendly competition between the bridesmaids and groomsmen for who could get the wildest photos in; involving races, human pyramids, and teeing off with some borrowed golf clubs - again, my golfing knowledge shows no bounds from my abundance of experience!

Evening guests started to arrive just as the Jägerbombs appeared too, with Lauren + Jamie escaping from greeting their new guests for a few quiet moments alone in the sunset before getting their dancing shoes on for their first dance and night of celebrating.

Cohan, in full Deadpool garb by now, was entertaining the waiting audience with his ninja moves and fending off the attention of the bridesmaids as mum and dad arrived to kick off the celebrations. With accompaniment from two musically-talented relatives, the first dance whizzed by as friends and family of all ages joined them on the dancefloor to get things started!

All in all, shooting my first wedding in Wales was a blast! I feel like I should have a badge or something for levelling up as a Welshman? I dunno.

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