Admittedly, I had a bit of a head-start with this couple; Nicola was my landlord in London at the time so, me tagging along for the adventure came up naturally when we saw each other and chatted about their plans.

What followed was a wild few days in Ibiza getting involved in the last minute celebrations of Nicola and Jimmy’s week in the sun before the big day - I went out there thinking I could get some quiet time sorting out some work I’d been meaning to finish in the sun, but before I’d even finished my food the first night I was welcomed into the wedding party who were staying at the same hotel.

For complete strangers to me, Nicola and Jimmy’s nearest and dearest are some of the friendliest people I’ve ever met. You could see why each and every person had been asked to be there.

The following day, which was the day before the big day, consisted of getting to know the guests that were staying in the area, exploring the local town and getting to check out the venue as the finishing touches were put in place. I came across Nicola and Jimmy chilling out with friends and family at the villa, it was awesome to watch two people so over the moon to finally see their big day unfold after all of their planning.

Needless to say, when the day arrived, I was excited to get started with documenting the events of the big day. And you can see that collected below in their Highlight Film.

After the speeches and the rest of the formalities were done and dusted, I had to make my way to the airport via a German man from the hotel called Hans, the temptation was there to stay and join in the celebrations for the rest of the night. But unfortunately, I was stacked up with other work so I had to give it a miss! Some of the house parties and evenings hanging out with Nicola and Jimmy since the wedding have definitely made up for it though!

The story of Nicola and Jimmy’s big day is one that’ll stick with me for a long time, not only for the emotions that were on show amongst their family and friends on the day but because of how welcome I felt on the day.

I made friends with complete strangers who I still bump into from time to time, and also became good friends with the happy couple themselves. They’ve given me a lot of advice and good times over the past year, it’s something I imagine they do for a lot of their friends, something that is an incredible quality to find anyone.

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