Getting Married in Greece

I met Sophie + Tommy at Nicola + Jimmy’s wedding in Ibiza the previous summer. I didn’t have much chance to chat with them between their duties helping prepare everything the day before the wedding and the obvious rush of time on the big day itself.

But the one thing that stuck with me the morning of the wedding, was Sophie telling me “If you need anything at all at any point, just let us know!”. Fortunately, that came in handy when my travel plug adapter failed to work, and Tommy had his seeing as he was on Wedding Photographer duties for the night.

Lesson learned, I now have multiple adaptors so I won’t be caught out there again!

Over the next few months, I saw Sophie + Tommy at parties held by Nicola + Jimmy and got to know them over a few too many cocktails. It turns out that I’d sort of met Sophie + Tommy before the wedding when I was at a London wedding fayre - it’s hard to forget a man of Tommy’s stature with such a majestic beard.

That winter, I moved to Oz and lived life out there. It was only when I was starting to figure out this whole solo wedding videographer thing in a coffee shop one day, Nic sent me a message saying Sophie + Tommy were getting married and they were interested in me filming the big day. Awesome!

A couple of months later, back living in the UK, I met with them at a London restaurant, Sophie’s mother Dawn was there to give me the once over too - totally understandable, and always happy to make sure everyone is at ease before my pasty self rocks up to your destination wedding.

Everything went well with a bit of tapas and a few drinks, and now the next step was to just get married in Mykonos!

A Mykonos Wedding

I got to Mykonos the evening before the wedding, figured out my route for the morning, and had food from a bar where I was given the ins and outs of the history of Mykonos island from the bar owner - shout-out to you Stelios.

The morning began with Tommy and the boys. The man was as cool as a cucumber, casually going over his speech, with Jimmy - his best man - in the background rehearsing his speech with the other groomsmen, before roping me in with helping iron out the creases in his shirt.

This is also where I met the heroes that are the AK3fotografia team. The most chilled out yet somehow energetic photographer duo I’ve ever met! They were incredibly easy to work alongside, taking the lead with Tommy - when it was needed - and directing him to the better light, and we never got in each other’s way.

Then it was time to head on over to Sophie. It was about a ten-minute drive across the town to get there, on that drive, that was when I realised that Mykonos was a pretty hilly place!

Bridal prep here was a lot more chilled out, and there was time to take in the view of the coastline (if that’s the right word for an island like Mykonos?), before the rush of getting the last few shots of Sophie getting her finishing touches in her dress before the drive to the ceremony.

Again, shout-out to AK3fotografia for being absolute heroes with the driving part here!

The ceremony was led by Tommy’s brother, Crispin, and included traditions from Sophie’s Iranian heritage, amongst the readings by friends and family. It was awesome to watch this meshing off past and present to create a future - yeah, I wrote that. I don’t regret it - of Sophie and Tommy together, I just dig it when people make wedding celebrations more personal and unique to their story and themselves!

Married in Greece

Then it was time for cocktails in the Greek sun!

The rest of the day pretty much flew by amongst the family and bridal party photos, then heading over to the evening’s venue on the bus with a lot of the wedding guests keeping the journey entertaining for that half-hour as the sunset.

After everyone had eventually arrived, the bridal party was introduced and we went into dinner and speeches. It was at this point that the AK3fotografia chaps told me it was customary for Greek weddings to run until sunrise.

Just let that sink in.

These guys were working pretty much sixteen-hour days every week!

The speeches were highly emotional all around, from Sophie’s parents to Tommy and his new bride, and Jimmy with his pacing to fight off the lack of sleep from the night before. Love was in the air and felt by everyone all around.

Pretty sure that’s a song lyric.

The rest of the night was kicked off by the cake cutting and first dance, the dancefloor was flooded with energy and I was convinced to stick around for a few cocktails!

My short stint in Mykonos was awesome, full of friends old and new, and just an all-around bloody good time! Thanks to Sophie and Tommy for asking me to do the honours, and everyone else that helped if I got disorientated by the sun or something!

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