A London Wedding

Tori got in touch about two years ago after a recommendation from my friend Ying, the photographer at their big day. After a few emails back and forth, I was on the phone with Michael talking about what they had planned so far for their wedding. A lot of the times were still up in the air, but I’m not fussed about the details until closer to the date anyway.

The first time I met Tori and Michael was a week or so later to just introduce myself and firm up things. I had a catch-up call with them about a month or so before their big day the following summer, and they were both in high spirits telling me how everything was pretty much sorted with only the Stag and Hen parties to go. Can’t blame them for their plans to go abroad for a knees-up!

Getting Married in London

On the big day, the first time I caught sight and sound of his groomsmen was their banter down the far end of a corridor in The Lensbury. Following it led me to them observing Michael as he double-checked the seating plan and table decorations - this is a man with an eye for detail. He was true as invested in their plans as Tori was, which was pretty cool.

The rest of the day went off without a hitch. The only major battle I had on my hands was with the blistering London sun we were fortunate to have all day.

It kept everyone outside, high spirits, and probably slightly more tanned than when they’d left for the wedding that morning.

After the speeches, Michael led Tori, Ying, and myself off to the riverbank. He’d seen a boathouse that was neighbouring the venue and had arranged to take his new wife out for a few minutes away from the party.

We got back in just as the evening guests were arriving, and the sun was finally beginning to set. The cake cutting was led by the toastmaster who guided the couple through the traditions of whose hands go where on the knife. He also gave them a sweet little pep talk before the first dance and a hand squeeze each.


Ying and I had already caught a preview of the dance in a last-minute rehearsal that we squeezed in with Tori and Michael for some sunset shots post-boat trip. The dance came off effortlessly before Tori was joined by her mother for a Mother-Daughter dance and Michael joined the bridesmaids, whilst the groomsmen tried to keep up with the kids doing Fortnite dances.

I’ve not got the rhythm or flexibility to get involved with that.

Especially when sober.

Since the wedding, I’ve had a few messages back and forth with them on the ol’ social medias from time to time, they seem as happy as the day that they got married in their new life together, if not happier.

Happy first year anniversary, Tori + Michael!

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