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What do we get in your packages?

Will we get you on our wedding day?

For a full breakdown of each package, get in touch and I'll send you my Price List and answer all the questions that you can think of.

There's no commitment or awkwardness if you choose not to move forward with me. I want you to be totally confident and happy with the wedding videographer that you choose.

From the initial enquiry all the way through to the delivery of your video, it'll be me all the way.

That said, in the tiny off-chance of an emergency, I have a handful of close, extremely talented friends I can call on to shoot for me.

But I'd still rather do it myself, even if I'm hobbling around all day!

Can you recommend a trusted photographer?

Do you do Destination Weddings?

Yeah, I've got a few pals in the industry that I enjoy working with.

They have the same relaxed approach and mindset for weddings, which makes for a complementary delivery of your wedding video and photos.

I do indeed. I've shot wedding videos in a few European countries, Dubai, and Australia.

Outside of weddings, I've also worked in Jordan and Sweden, so I'm confident in my ability to say "hello" and "thank you" in multiple languages, as well as navigate to and from your destination wedding.

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