A Wotton House, Dorking Wedding

When I set out as a wedding videographer, I’m pretty sure Abbie + Andrew were the exact sort of couple that I’d hoped for; mad about each other, chill, and keeping it real by living in the moment. A lot of the time, I feel like they’d forgotten that Simon the photographer and I were around them at certain points of the day, wandering the edges and gardens of Wotton House.

The two were so into each other and making each other laugh that I couldn't figure out whether they had, or they were just really at ease around us both.

Wedding Videographer in Surrey

I first met Abbie + Andrew at Charlotte + Andy’s wedding in late 2018 - turns out, Andrew has a pretty solid eye for catching me in the act of subtly filming people, I have a video somewhere of their efforts throughout the day to photobomb me.

As a seasoned vet of the art of photobombing, I respected their skills.

We got to talking at some point in the day, Andrew asked for a card, and a few weeks later we were having a coffee somewhere in Kensington - I think.

I’ve for real never seen a couple that has had such a blast when being followed by two guys pointing cameras at them, they were just in the moment, making jokes at the world around them and just laughing - the two were taking in every moment, and clearly are truly in love!

They made my job as a wedding videographer pretty goddamn easy.

A couple of months back, it was the first year anniversary of these cuties, and I just shared some photos that I’d taken on the day on my Instagram Story.

Abbie dropped me a message saying that they were back at Wotton House in celebration - the easing of lockdown worked in their favour, fortunately. It was nice to hear randomly off of a couple, seeing that they’re still doing their thing no matter what the world throws at them.

See, there is some good stuff going on in 2020.

I fucking love these guys!

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